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Appleton Self Storage Helpful Tips

Mayflower Storage has been working with tenants for years and there are many reasons you need to rent a storage unit, so we have been able to learn from our tenants to assist you in storing your items. Here are some helpful storage tips you can use before and during your storage time.
Helpful Storage Tips Appleton WI

Storage Tips

Tip: Inspect your storage space before moving in:

The space should be of adequate size to fit your storage needs.

Tip: Determine the packing accessories you need:
Make sure you have bubble-pack, tape, drop cloths, mattress and furniture covers, locks and assorted size boxes from book to wardrobe size, and a great additional item is pallets to store your items off of the ground. Pallets will help keep your storage items from possible spills.

Tip: Fill your boxes to capacity to save storage space:
Don't partially fill your boxes which can make the box unbalanced especially if you stack other boxes on top of them. Heavy items like books or tools should be packed in small boxes so they are easy to lift. Protect you fragile goods with packing (i.e. bubble-pack or other), and place them near the top of your storage space. Do Not Place Cardboard Boxes Directly on the Floor.

Tip: Label your boxes with an itemized list:
It only takes a few moments to label your boxes as you pack them, and by doing this you will save a lot of time when you are ready to move them out or if you need to access the boxes while stored. Label the boxes on the side as well as the top, so it is easily seen. Once boxes are stacked on top of each other a label on the top doesn’t help much. Even completing a checklist that hangs inside the unit that states were items are stored so when you need something it will assist you quickly in finding the box you need, such as Christmas ornaments, Halloween things, etc. Taking photos of the boxes as you stack them is another great way to know what you have stored.

Tip: Pack your storage unit carefully:
Make sure to leave space around the perimeter to aid in ventilation. Don't lean items against the walls and leave a walk-way to the rear of your space for easy access to the back items. Also, use the height of the unit to store more items and place frequently used items near the door.

Tip: Wrap large items that are not in boxes:
Make sure to wrap your stored items that are not inside boxes to protect them. This will protect your sofas, chairs, tables from being scratched or even damaged when moving in and out.

Tip: Make sure to use a hefty lock for your storage unit:
Although most units have security in them, that doesn't mean they'll always be paying attention. Find an all-weather pad lock that has a short arm to ensure a bolt cutter can't slide its way in to be sliced open.

Tip: Make an estimate of the replacement value of your items:
Having a sheet of paper with the value of your personal property is a smart idea if you are storing your items at a storage facility or even at your home. This will make it easier for your insurance claims if one is needed.

Tip: Storing Appliances:
Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and washers have water in them, so make sure to completely empty them before storing.

Tip: Storing Clothing in your storage unit:
If you need to store clothing items, try and buy a wardrobe or clothes box to store them in. You will then be able to simply hang the clothing to keep their shape. It is not a good idea to store clothes in a bin liner because moisture can get trapped inside the bin and ruin the clothes.

Self Storage Appleton WI
Storage Facility FAQ's Appleton Wi Self Storage Appleton WI Organizing your Storage Unit
Self Storage Appleton WI Self Storage Appleton WI
Appleton Self Storage Use pallets or at least cover the floor with a protective sheet or tarp.
Appleton Self Storage If you have the space, try and create an aisle to get to the back of the unit easier. Store your largest items first and if stacking boxes in your storage unit, make sure to put the heaviest boxes on the bottom to avoid damage and collapses.
Appleton Self Storage Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space.
Appleton Self Storage Try not to lean furniture against outside walls.
Appleton Self Storage If you're storing metal objects avoid resting them against items susceptible to damage.
Appleton Self Storage Fill anything that's hollow - i.e. wardrobes, drawers, washing machines and fridges with small boxes and other items to maximize your available space.
Appleton Self Storage Make sure to stack boxes and containers so that you can see the labels you put on them.
Appleton Self Storage Wedge the doors of all kitchen appliances while stored in the unit.
Self Storage Appleton WI
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